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  1. yeah i got it installed ive just never used the "opkg" command before and was wondering if that was just exclusive to the pineapple or if this is a version of linux im unaware of because ive always used versions of "apt".
  2. hey im new to the pineapple and just got my mk 7 last month so im still playing around with it but im getting an odd error message. when i hook up the pineapple to my desktop and play with it everything works fine but when i attack it to a battery pack and connect through the management network i get "time misconfiguration error" but it is sporadic. i connect to it with my phone then connect the pineapple to the actual wifi network, i get internet access so it is connected, i sync browser time and everything looks good. the error will go away after the sync but then pops up and goes away rando
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