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  1. Yeah, this is probably either because it’s out of stock or they haven’t made the MK7 guide yet so coming soon. Happy Ethically Hacking!
  2. I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand? Would you mind explaining what your trying to do please.
  3. At the moment the C2 functionality is quite limited for the MK7 hopefully soon more options will come out! Happy ethically hacking!!
  4. Don’t know why I can’t edit it but I meant go to a website you didn’t visit on your laptop before, it could be the cahce with the website and sometimes it delays kicking off (when kicked still shows connected)
  5. Also try resetting it fixed the issue where it would restart and turn off after but for me didn’t capture anything..
  6. Umm this is strange, I’m getting this aswell when I leave running for 2 hours mine sometimes restarts and when I connect to it PineAP is off and I need to turn back on manually even though it’s enabled on boot and when I did capture handshake for me nothink happened.. hope this is fixed next update
  7. Yeah same here, defo would love to find a fix to it!
  8. Try checking the troubleshooting docs or just turn off and on the device or if all else fails and all hope is lost Rey resetting the device..
  9. Yeah I get what you saying do bare in mind the developers are probably very busy and during Covid isn’t the best..
  10. Okay, once you kicked the client please clear your cache or use another browser and go onto a site you haven’t done. Maybe your laptop / mobile is using the cache to get the site and sometimes it can be disconnected when it says connected..
  11. For me I haven’t got it working yet, idk why it’s not working?
  12. To install git first open the terminal then do 1) `opkg update` once it’s updated do 2) opkg install git git-http ca-bundle. After the git has installed you can use it normally, the ca-bundle is for if your cloning private repos..
  13. Yeah on the MK7 on setup you can either hold for press to use wired mode or setup using a WAP by holding it for 4 seconds.
  14. Umm at the moment I have upgraded and not seen any issues so far, I have seen loads of people have scripts which do have opkg update in... I would suggest resetting the device if nothink is working and maybe see how it is after also there is a diagnostics mode in settings and do that and check the output 👍 Hope it works and happy ethically hacking!
  15. Just a question? Where are you getting the portals from, there is a good script which downloads the portals and does all for you I will search to find it give me a bit 👍
  16. I’m trying to get SSL on my MK7 the guilds online didn’t work any help would be great! Thanks in advance
  17. Got any more suggestions add below hopefully Hak5 reads this 🤞
  18. This is some ideas I had for V1.0.3... 1) improve the recon mode, most of the time when scanning for ages it will only pickup 2 or 3 and sometimes don’t even show much details. I had 5 devices next to it which it did only pickup one. 2) Make it an option if you want to download a module to a USB maybe, say if you download a pop out asks if you want to save to another device if it detects another USB. 3) When you turn on dark mode it can sometimes make some of the recon tablets slots greyed out, when putting into the normal mode I see will the details with dark mode can be a bit strange.. 4) maybe have a settings option to turn off the LED, it may only use a little bit of power but people using it on the go it can be best to save as much power as you can. Or maybe a low power mode. 5) Maybe more configuration options like as above the LED switch or Low Power Mode, maybe more settings like Disabled and Enabled Antennas if your not using one etc.. 6) Would love to see a integrated wireshark kinda thing, the TCPDump is good but you need to download to see all details, an online wireshark kinda thing would be awesome to see! Thanks for taking the time to read this, and Hak5 love the new MK7 having some great time with it!
  19. I understand what you mean but doesn't mean not to buy at all, if you wanted to start getting into this area you could make your own module and every product has a stage where it’s getting on its feet it’s finding the ground so yes if you want to wait until it’s fully done that’s fine but I wouldn’t say don’t buy at all..
  20. I’m getting same issues here, I got my MK7 today was literally watching every step of the DHL Van haha but when I got it I came across a lot of bugs but like hope soon we get an update to fix the issues!
  21. Any idea how to get SSL on the dashabord? I tried using a online guide I’m guessing for the older models, any idea how I could get this working. It’s on 1.0.2 MK7
  22. I feel you, I really want to get some soon! This is a great product but the modules really do give it that 10/10 for me...
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