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  1. Redsqu1rrel, There are some basic setup videos on the hak5 site which goes real high level. Once you get down to doing some recon and then capturing handshakes I cant find anything. Looking for directions on how to do some wifi pen testing. When you look for videos on youtube, all i'm finding are videos that use the old interface and i cant square the old one with the new one. The new one looks good, I'm finding a boat load of devices but the data is really variable so it's hard to trust it. If we make any progress, I'll share, hope others will do the same.
  2. I am experiencing the same issues as above, I've spent the last hour looking for documentation and found none, I turned on handshake capturing on my own network and cant figure out what it's asking for to get it configured, it wont capture handshakes. I need something that's written for a new user not a user who's used it for 5 years through the different iterations. Yes, I'm a newbie too but right now, I've wasted hours on a Saturday night that I dedicated to understanding how to use the pineapple to capture handshakes. Like above, most of the clients on my own network dont show up. Also, how do you monitor 5GHz connections as well. Having a massive dose of buyers remorse right now. The videos to setup are pretty worthless. Would love some help for this other user and myself. Time to turn off the computer and call it a night, too much wasted time. Hoping this is software that went out too early. Can anyone from Hak5 provide some guidance?
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