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  1. I was curious if any can point me in the direction of some instructions on converting .kismet files into KML format for the sake of mapping with Google Earth. Previous versions of kismet used varying types of logging file extensions of which there was an XML that appears to have been deprecated. So I guess I actually have two questions 1. Is converting .kismet to KML what I'm looking for if I want to map with Google Earth? (<- I might be outdated and there is a new process) if not..... 2. What should I be looking for if I want to utilize a .kismet file so that I can see the G
  2. @rowie - I'm running into issues with the new firmware as well (2.7.0). The installation itself appeared to be successful, but getting the interface to work is where I'm currently stumbling. The default, "This site can't be reached" Validating the settings in the kismet_httpd.conf, everything appears to be correct. I'm unsure if there is any other conf file that is dictating whether or not that port is serving traffic or not. Still digging into it but if anyone has any helpful suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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