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  1. Hey guys, Everytime I use the bunny updater, the updater successfully completes, I safely eject the BB, plug it back in arming mode, and then it goes into the blinking red & blue LED. What am I doing wrong?
  2. ohhh okay. I used the script in darrens video for the start up service, I forgot about the $IP variable. that is more than likely the issue. I will correct it and post an update later if it worked. Thank you!!!
  3. I tried connecting a key croc after posting this and it didn't work either. I have c2 set up as a service on systemd, I have ports 80,443,2022,8080 open on the VPS firewall. I checked the device.config file, I don't see any IP addresses in it, could it be a bad config file?
  4. I'm trying to connect the pineapple to c2 and I'm having an issue. I download the config file, upload it directly through the pineapple portal, it displays the "C2 enrolled" page displaying the connected SSID and the pineapples Ip address, but it still shows offline on the C2 portal. I've removed the configuration and rebooted the pineapple a couple of times but it didn't work either. What am I missing? Thanks!
  5. UPDATE: I found it will accept the new SSID configurations If I let the crab boot up without an SD card first. It accepted the new SSID configuration upon putting back in the card and rebooting. I knew the problem would be something small like this šŸ˜…
  6. I have a screen crab connected to a c2 VPS, but the crab will only connect to one wifi network, despite any changes I make to the config file. At one point I was able to use it with my home network, and the hotspot network on my phone. I plugged it into an entirely different test network today to do more testing and it worked for 5 minutes, and then disconnected. After that I wasn't able to connect it to any network. I went home and tested it on my own network again, but strangely this time, it only worked if I specified in the config file the name of the hotspot's ssid I had used earlier in the week, not the network it was actually connecting too. Does this sound like a defective crab? Any insight on this would be appreciated!
  7. I'm having this same issue, I'm able to connect all of my other devices except for the screen crab. The Crab will connect to my network, but just won't reach the c2. If anyone has any insight into a possible solution it'd be greatly appreciated! šŸ˜ƒ
  8. after installation when I visit the web portal, it prompts me for a "Site Name" and "Site Description". I have not seen this in any of the tutorials. It won't let me progress without it, I assume its asking for a domain and I really don't feel like getting one. Anyone have any thoughts on this? šŸ˜ž
  9. I'm trying to move an openvpn configuration file onto the root of the bash bunny. If I move it over from one computer to the bash bunny it cant be accessed when I ssh into the BB later. I tried to use wget to just download the file directly but for some reason it downloads the source code of the website, rather than the actual configuration file. I suppose I could be using wget incorrectly but I'm not sure. I've also thought about downloading via ftp through a virtual private server but I'm hesitant for obvious reasons. There's gotta be a easier way. Any one have any thoughts on this?
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