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  1. I'm running c2 on a windows 10 pc. I've tried both x64 and x86 versions still getting the same. I will try using a virtual linux box
  2. I commented out the line as suggested I get permission denied if I try to run the orange option. Hopefully just a bug in the current firmware. The module uses the lights to show its finished so I left the last option in. I suspect this firmware has a bug as when I have Loot streaming enabled on c2 it locks up c2. I disable loot streaming and restart the device and I can connect ok.
  3. I've been setting up a turtle with c2 after doing a firmware update I'm getting sys/class/leds/turtle:yellow:system/brightness: No such file or directory oot@turtle:/etc/turtle/modules# ./quickcreds start Stopping DHCP Detect Blink Script Terminated QuickCreds started. LED will blink rapidly while QuickCreds is running. LED will light solid upon NTLM hash capture. If starting this module from the Turtle Shell menu, press CTRL+C to return. ./quickcreds: line 128: /sys/class/leds/turtle:yellow:system/brightness: No such file or directory ./quickcreds: lin
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