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  1. Hi, I got my new WiFi Pineapple, and I'm trying to verify my device. When holding the button to verify my device my WiFi Pineapple the Wireless Access Point turns off. This Is preventing me from completing the setup process. Can someone please help me with my Issue.
  2. I've tried doing the firmware recovery, and I'm still experiencing the same problem.
  3. Hi I recently got my WiFi Pineapple January 10, 2021. I was using my WiFi Pineapple yesterday I was scanning the access points around me, then my WiFi Pineapple out of no where It lost power. I tried unplugging & replugging the USB-C cable I got a blue light then It started blinking blue, then I got no light. My device Is completely bricked to my knowledge preventing me to connect to any of the access points. Also one of the antennas seem defected because It's super loose, and hangs lower than the other antennas
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