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  1. In the wifi pineappple status in windows it's still sayin IPv4 no network access even after a reset yet its saying it's connected
  2. I've had it on a kali linux machine and it would over ride the connection and I wouldn"t be able to connect to wifi on the onboard wifi or my wifi adapter
  3. No i haven't changed anything at all in the Tetra settings so my next plan is maybe reset the lot and try another laptop and if all else fails it's being returned lol
  4. Yes done exactly as it says and still it won't connect yet the laptop will,it's on the network but says internet not available
  5. The Tetra is connected via the USB cable and im running windows 10 i want to connect my phone and tablet to the tetra to see what traffic is going through so i need it to be connected to the web via the laptop
  6. I can login to the Tetra and go through the settings but it just cant get any data
  7. My laptop is connecting to the web but the tetra will not connect to my network even though i've gone through changing the ip etc I connect my laptop through a Huawei mifi Any ideas guys Thanks
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