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  1. So when I connect to both the maintenance Wi-Fi and the spoofed Wi-Fi and the captive portal comes up, if I hit cancel or put in a Wi-Fi password it bans me. Not sure how it does this but it will disconnect me and the say unable to connect to network until I reset the whole pineapple to default. If I use another device it will work until I hit cancel or put in a password. Any deals on what causes this an maybe a possible solution. I have it set to allow all connections.
  2. Skip this, I’m an idiot
  3. I have a Logitech k330, this a combo keyboard and mouse, has anyone had issue with this keyboard? Or is it like the ones with special buttons due to the added mouse? Do we see support for these in the future?
  4. IEEE 802.11: deauthenticated due to local deauth request Anyone know why this comes up in the log for every device? the device connects and then two seconds later disconnects on another note i also notice if the pineapple is on for a while is laggs out and no connections happen
  5. So stupid question, is there a way to use index.htm instead of index.php? Some of the files are php but the index is in html
  6. @dino213dz A guide for those not familiar with Linux might help. Got to remember ppl are here to learn.
  7. There is no module. Seems like the module development has stopped completely, so the only was is to developing your own which most do not understand the coding language to develope modules because we know other languages such as c++,vb, etc
  8. You will have to update the module for the mark 7
  9. I have to agree Darren, there is no reaver, ssl strip,dns spoof modules which are some of the most important when it come to WiFi pen testing. I think the most disappointing to most people is they think these modules are on the mark 7 because of the videos we watch but your actually using a terra. The hardware isn’t an issue except the fact I sometime max out the ram or cpu because it starts to lag but all in all great product hardware wise
  10. i was looking at the portals and it is kbeflo so, can you post your index.php and myportal.php text?
  11. No, you have to add scripting to the index and my portal file. I use only scripts that I found on the web and edit them because they already have the scripting. I can link it when I get home. You can also try n3b’s tut on this in the terra forum page for evil portal
  12. Don’t buy until more modules are ported, right now all you have is evil portal and that pretty much it.
  13. Ahhh got it thx, for some odd reason the basic portal didn’t show up in testing but it does now.
  14. I have a question about "target rule editor". so I'm trying to understand how this works, what I would like is anyone who connects to the pineapple gets the captive portal. so with that said if i add a ssid of the original router and destination of the portal will anyone connecting via pineAP spoof will get a popup with the portal?
  15. Hello I’m Joseph owner of domain Uber-hackers and screen name P1rat3 on hack forums. I have been playing around with computer hardware for around 20 years. My first pc was a 286 running at 20 MHz. I Have been in the game ever since and it’s nice to meet you all.
  16. I don’t use Newegg anymore. I bought a switch that apparently was priced wrong and they refund my money and I asked why they didn’t just honor their price and they replied that it was company policy to no honor posted prices if they were posted wrong by mistake. I thought it was a law that they had to sell you for the price posted even if it was wrong but apparently that doesn’t apply for online stores.....
  17. If it’s your phone contact Apple, they will ask you to send photos of receipts and back of phone, they will remove the iCloud within 10days. Also DO NOT ISE THOSE WEBSITES that claim to remove iCloud from phones, I only seen one that can do it but 96% will just steal your money.
  18. I noticed that the WiFi pineapple didn’t come with a power brick. I have not received my pineapple yet so I’m curious on which power blocks you guys use to power the pineapple? My laptop doesn’t have a usb-c but I do have the power block for my iPhone 11 Pro Max but I’m thinking that might be to much for the pineapple, so any suggestions on power blocks?
  19. I just hope it’s not like my AWUS036AC that thing was horrible to use, but I have faith in brother Darren so we will see. I order my markvii yesterday and excited to see what it can do. I bought this due to power consumption by my pc, when I turn it on all the light in the house dim......... lol jk
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