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  1. nice, that seems simple enough. Thank You 😁
  2. yeah I am actually just resetting it up completely from scratch. Do you have any tips to help keep it secure from the start. I use strong password and use a https domain, but is there any other small best practices, I can to at the beginning to help re-enforce, the security when running the the c2 as service?
  3. Yeah I had it enabled as service when I updated it. The ( ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/c2-3.0.1_amd64_linux -hostname ****.com -https -db /var/cloudc2/c2.db ) was the vi portion I was referring to, I am guessing that is service config file. I probably had two files in the /usr/local/bin directory and tried to change it in the vi code after it stopped working. When you say "use generic approach" does that mean renaming the file, downloaded from the website, to something else and then using the new name in the service config file? I am still super new to all of this and am just running at it head long lol currently learning Linux, CCNA, VPS, VMs, and use playing with these tools, as a way to get hands on with the stuff that I am learning. 🙂
  4. It was still showing /usr/local/bin/c2-3.0.1 in the vi command. I did try to replace it after everything stopped working, but I am sure I just made it worst at that point lol. But I just went back to the download website to look at the file name for this post and realized that I was on 3.0.1 and then updated to 3.1.1 but skipped 3.0.2. So I am sure my update failed but I wonder if it had to do with skipping a version?
  5. Yeah I did too. One thing I noticed with mine was that the ( /usr/...) file remained the same file for the 3.0.1 version after the update. Should that have changed with the update or does it just add the necessary files into that same bin?
  6. did you update via the GUI?
  7. I am not sure, but it may have to do with the update 3.1.1. I had my C2 up and running for weeks with LightSail, then I updated and it worked while I was using it that session and when I came back to it a couple of days later it would not load at all. I reviewed everything I setup by re-going though the steps to see if something had changed but it was all the same. I ended up deleting the service and c2 setup and have not gone back to it yet, but I do remember reading somewhere in my troubleshooting there was an issue with the ( After= Line in the vi code ) but I could not figure out why, it was the same as before ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I was going to go back here soon and reset-up the whole service with the 3.1.1 file instead of the previous 3.0.1 file and see if that helps, I am sure there is a way just swap the file in Linux but I thought it best to just do a fresh install.
  8. Nice!!!! If it is not running in the morning there is the third video in the series (2703) that goes over ensuring it stays active persistently. It took a little bit more work to get LightSail to keep the site active after I logged out or left the AWS site. But it is definitely worth it, I can not log in from my mobile device and manage the site on the go. If you are new to this like me, I have to say it is a lot to learn, but it is a lot of fun too. I use it to take my brain off learning CCNA lol
  9. I am still learning a ton about all this but if remember correctly there should be two more [*] actions in your example that are missing the last one being "[*] Running Hak5 Cloud2" . So it seems like it is not being fully loaded maybe, try using sudo to run the "./c2-*_amd64_linux -hostname myhostname.com -https" command. Hopefully it helps but at least it wont hurt 🙂
  10. Dude Thanks!!! It turned out it was the caching. It just required a full clearing in the options 😆
  11. Man \﹏/ \﹏/ super helpful, Thank you. I tried Bing and it worked with the domain, not sure why, but maybe you have insight on why it would work with Bing and not work on Firefox or Firefox Incognito? With Firefox I still get (Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at Example.org:8080.) I thought it might be a time issue with the domain change ( i.e. I set the A record yesterday) but I would think that that would be synced up between the browsers? Anyways Thank you for the successful foray into the Forums 🙂
  12. OK this is my Hell0w0rld into the forum and Hak5 in general I just received my SharkJack, and am waiting on a Kismet Mark VII and a Rubber Ducky. In the mean time I was setting up my C2 server on a Ubuntu 20.04 VPS using Light Sail. I was able to get it up and running using :8080 using the -wget command to download, unzip, and install. I then wanted to setup the SSL version and this is where i ran into a problem. I have a domain and set the A record to my static IP and ran sudo ./c2-3.0.2_amd64_linux -hostname example.org -https It shows as [*] Running Hak5 Cloud C2 But then I try to enter the domain in FireFox (tried Incognito as well) and it gives me an unable to connect error, and it shows the proper Static IP but with :8080 still. I think there is an issue with the SSL certificate, and I don't think it is now should be pointed to :8080 after starting with -https. I have been spinning my wheels now for a few hours and am hoping there may be something I am missing that is just sitting in front of my face and hope maybe the experts here have some insight. Sorry if this is long winded I normally avoid chat and social media since the old AOL days so this feels a bit weird and nostalgic at the same time 🙂 Thanks in Advance, and Hope down the line I can provide some help as well 😉
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