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  1. Okay, so that means that with a rubber duck you can't do.... s...it xD Thanks
  2. Nothing? I can't do anything? how do the police get information from a mobile phone or a broken hard drive? Thanks
  3. Thank you for responding, So there is no way to enter or activate ADB with a payload without removing the Pattern?? or activate the transfer of images to the pc? I have seen that the PIN code can be programmed to force test codes. I have read on other sites that it is possible to do this. If you look at it, below it talks about android debugging mode and ADB. Guide use for android I also found this payload but it only works for Android 5 or lower. The one I use is 10 Github Thank you very much.
  4. Hi, I don't know much English and I don't know if I'm writing correctly. I have a big problem that I haven't found a solution for anywhere. My problem is that my phone has a blocking pattern and I don't remember it. I bought a rubber duck to program a payload to enable me to transfer images to the pc or I also thought about activating the USB debug mode or developer mode. The problem is that I can't find a way to tell the duck to do it. What can I do? Can I rescue the photos from my mobile phone or will I have to format it and lose everything? Thank you very much.
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