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  1. I think even if I was so inclined as to pay, I don't really have the spare cash at the minute anyway, and I feel like the slow start is what's going to really help me
  2. Unfortunately I'm very against paying for any form of online resource, because when it comes to programming, most of these things can be sourced for free, but thank you for the suggestion!
  3. What does an "environment of VMs" mean, becaue I have the one Oracle VirtualBox on my pc, and your suggestion is to just get a used laptop, put a VM on it, and then use that? as it would be the most secure? Also, what is so secure about VMs? I don't doubt their security, but what about them makes them secure?
  4. Hi there, I'm a computer science student at university and I'm looking to start getting into pen testing and ethical hacking, just as a hobby. I've signed up for hackthebox.eu and was advised to use a VM for security reasons, I understand that they are more secure, but I wondered to what extend, and why? on top of that would dual booting not be just as if not more secure? why or why not? and could I just boot from an encrypted external SSD and then plug that in to my computer which I want to pen test, which of these options would be the most secure. Thanks for the help, temp0
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