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  1. folks, it seems the problem is even in the internal memory (nand) would it be possible to use an external memory to replace it? a USB stick for example?
  2. so ... what I have discovered so far is that it is an error in the NAND memory, perhaps an unmarked badblock, can this problem be corrected? is there any way to replace the NAND? maybe use a USB stick on the USB port, anyway I won't give up. thank you who help me
  3. hello guys, I bring more details here to see if anyone can help me: I give the httpd command to call the update page from firmare (already following the necessary network settings) what comes next is the firmware update followed by a boot, but a memory error (NAND) occurs. thank you very much if someone can help me. uboot> httpd Using eth0 dup 1 speed 100 MAC address: 0x0:0x3:0x7f:0x9:0xb:0xad HTTP server is starting at IP: HTTP server is ready! Request for: / Request for: /favicon.ico file not found! Data will be downloaded at 0x81000000 in RAM
  4. Can someone help me? I don't know if I was able to explain the problem clearly. 😕
  5. hello guys, my pineapple tetra is locked, fixed yellow light, I've tried to do the recovery firmware but it crashes from this point, I can upload the firmware but then it crashes, I've done all the procedures, I've read practically all the posts on the subject, accessing via UART I notice that the boot is interrupted with the following message below, sorry for the precarious English I am using google translate (I am Brazilian) Resetting... U-Boot 1.1.4 (Dec 22 2015 - 12:54:58) DB120 DRAM: sri Wasp 1.3 wasp_ddr_initial_config(249): (32bit) ddr2 init wasp_ddr_in
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