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  1. Sure, friend. This can (should) be run from your local machine and not on the Wifi Pineapple itself. It utilizes the Hak5 REST API to make calls to the device in a workflow derived specifically for aggressively capturing handshakes. Requirements - PHP 7+ Install: git clone git://github.com/sailboat-anon/wifi-pineapple-war-driver.git nano war-driver.php Modify $config to match the server, port, username, password for your Wifi Pineapple. Use: php war-driver.php This workflow is started: - set pineAP settings to AGGRESSIVE, broadcasting, allowing connections, auto-restart, etc - run recon for 90 seconds, identify all APs with associated clients - start handshake capture - de-auth all clients related to AP, repeat 20 seconds later; total 2 mins - handshakes captured, available for use - repeat: move to next AP with associated clients, de-auth, etc.
  2. This simple PHP script is an aggressive war-driver for the Hak Wifi Pineapple Mark VII to fully automate your recon, de-authing and handshake capturing. Turn this thing on, take your Pineapple for a walk around town, and collect those handshakes without any effort. Pair this with ohc-api.sh to auto-submit your captures to onlinehashcrack.com for free, hands-off cracking. Just run it on a cron and check your inbox 🙂 https://github.com/sailboat-anon/wifi-pineapple-war-driver
  3. This simple bash script for the Hak Wifi Pineapple Mark VII features persistent handshake storage and automatically submits your handshakes to this wonderful service (onlinehashcrack.com)! You will receive an email confirmation and upon completion! Sit back, relax, and automate your WPA pen-test workload with ohc-api.sh. https://github.com/sailboat-anon/wifi-pineapple-mark-vii install and use wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sailboat-anon/wifi-pineapple-mark-vii/main/scripts/ohc-api.sh nano ohc-api.sh (change the receiving email address, 'email=') chmod a+x ohc-api.sh ./ohc-api.sh You'll likely want to run this on a schedule (default: 5min) export VISUAL=nano; crontab -e */5 * * * * /pineapple/ohc-api.sh workflow: capture handshakes using mark vii handshakes are moved from /tmp to /root/loot/handshakes handshakes are sent to the onlinehashcrack.com api, user receives an email confirmation and upon completion (be sure to set the 'email' variable below to your email address) submitted handshakes in /root/loot/handshakes are renamed 'submitted-.cpab' persistent handshake storage: /root/loot/handshakes transaction logs: /root/loot/handshakes/logs
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