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  1. Good day Hak5 community, hope everyone is doing okay. I believe I'm not the only one that has had this problem so far. But you see, when I download the evil portal module the portals are just not loading, and I can tell that: 1- This isn't an issue related to browsers, as I have tested in several browsers 2- I also have to add that I upgraded my pineapple to Version 1.0.2 beta release. However this did not help at all. 3- I also erased the module and reinstalled , but it did not help either. 4- the custom portals are not the issue, I can tell, since the basic portal isn't working either. 5- I was reviewing the video below in order to see if If I was doing something wrong. But according to the comments from the video, I'm not the only one that's currently facing this issue. I know that modules, aren't programed by the hak5 team, but if anyone knows how to fix this issue in the mark 7. Please let me know Best regards Lati-Fi
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