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  1. Hi Chrizee I tried for a long time and finally managed to add the device. Then I wanted to download the setup file and nothing happened. C2 runs on ubuntu server on a synology nas via vmm. I tried from my mac on the same network (google chrome and safari).Only standard plugins and extentions. This is the first time i installed c2 cloud. thanks and kr wolfgang
  2. If I want to add a device it works. If I click on "Setup" and then on "Download" nothing happens and I just can't download the file for the e.g. pineapple
  3. Hi I have several issues with the cloud c2 3.1.1 on ubuntu 20.10. When I log in I have the following problems: Dashboard is always loading and when I click on "Add devices" nothing comes up. When I log out and want to log in again, "Your cred are not valid." When I restart c2 I come in with the data normally but it doesn't work properly.
  4. Hi my name is Wolfgang Nationality: Austria (Österreich) Favorite game: Overwatch Favorite OS: MacOS, Kali Favorite console: Xbox Series X Sex: Male Car: VW Occupation: Linux Systemadministrator
  5. Hi I am from Austria. Can i change the Keyboard to DE before payload starts?
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