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  1. Hi guys! First of all I have to say that I really like the WiFi Pineapple and appreciate it. But a few things bother me that I would like to address here, if I may !? As mentioned at the beginning, I think you guys are cool and keep going! But if you want to fulfill a request that is quick, how do I get the SSH connection? 😁 Greetings to your Mork
  2. Hi Chrizree! 1. SSH worked with 1.0.2 without any problems. Unfortunately not in the beta! 2. No no changes were made to the setup. 3. By language I mean under PineAP Suite -> Access Points -> Open Access Point -> [Current Country] 4. Until now I always thought that the Evil WPA Access Point had to run on the same channel as the victim AP !? Since there are different guidelines for the transmission power (TX) of WiFi modules in European countries, I wonder whether I am setting them with the country option !? Oh and could you show in the updates which rev. number has the update? So I can see if I have the current repository! 🙂 Greetings Mork
  3. Hi Hak5 team! I now have several devices from you and I am now enjoying the pineapple. Unfortunately it is not possible for me to establish an SSH / SFTP connection to the Annanas because the service is not running. I also ask whether it is intentional that the channel is not cloned with an AP clone. And what exactly does it have for an influence on the open-AP if I change the language? Range of the transmission power? And why are handshakes recorded in the Devil-AP if you already know the password? Regards Mork
  4. Windows Defender goes to sleep when other antivirus software is installed. What has to be triggered so that I can bypass the manipulation protection? How does Defender recognize another antivirus software?
  5. I have the solution why it doesn't work. It's called "Tamper Protection". Is there a way to circumvent the tamper protection with BashBunny?
  6. Why does this not work Set-MpPreference -Force -DisableRealtimeMonitoring 0 Yes, i have adminrights! Enyone an idea?
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