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  1. Hey, when I plug in my micro SD card into the USB adapter and then in a USB port of my computer, then it is not showed in my explorer. When it worked, I had uploaded a script on the micro SD card and when I run this on the rubberucky it works without any issues. So neither the card nor the RubberDucky is the problem. Now my conclusion ist, that the SD card adapter has to bethe problem. What do you think? Should I order a new one from SunDisk? Or is there another simple solution? Thanks for your opinion 🙂 Sorry if there are many syntax errors in my text. I'm not a native speaker and only fourteen years old.

  2. Hey, when I plug in my Rubber Ducky with the SD-card reader, in normal case it should be showed in the explorer as 'normal' USB stick, right? Because in my case, the rubber ducky isn't showed. If I plug it in with the normal USB adapter, then I get a notification with the information, that my Keyboard is succesfully prepared. What can I do? Sorry if there are many typing errors in this text. I am fourteen years old and come from switzerland so I apologize for that. Would be nice, if some of you could send me an answer and help me. Thanks! 🙂

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