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  1. hi my usb rubber duckey wont work because in device manager it says unknown driver for the duckey usb. i have tried a scan to install the right driver but nothing. any ideas anyone
  2. To trace a whereabouts of a phone . I want to track a mobile phone.
  3. I want to track a mobile phone.
  4. What is the best mac address tracker to track a cell phone using kali linux?
  5. I've just tried the ducky in the wifes laptop and it's not even flashing red or yellow. I now think maybe the ducky is faulty
  6. I've just run the test and also used another USB and it works fine it's the ducky maybe. I will try it on another PC with windows
  7. I've done everything as instructed and the USB went yellow then at bottom right of my windows 10 screen it said USB not recognised. I ran a test on the USB port and it's fine. My USB wireless works fine in the same port. Can you advise plz
  8. ok thank you so much. i am doing it on kali linux and will try tommorow. i have java installed. just one question before i do it. when i encode the payload where does it save to a file as an inject.bin?
  9. i have just uploaded a script onto my usb and got nothing. im new and a little stuck here. i have downloaded the usb ducky master and have been using the ducktoolkit.com scripts and nothing. tried a new sd card. can anyone type the walkthrough from start to finish for me plz? much appreciated
  10. hi im new to the rubber ducky and this type of stuff and i have been using the ducky toolkit trying to load a script and the usb is not recognised when i put it in the laptop. i used preinstalled scripts but im unsure where im going wrong can anyone help me from start to finish of what i should do as i have tried everything. thanks
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