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  1. Thank you for your patience, @chrizree I did not see the difference. When I was learning, I only remembered cksum. My apologies. When I first downloaded and the checksum was incorrect, I downloaded it again. I then downloaded it a third time this morning. All checksums were consistent on each file, but still they disagreed with expected checksum. Here are my detailed results: I do note that the "Expected" checksum is shorter. So I'm wondering if I am making some other mistake. Your assistance is very much appreciated, @chrizree! Thank YOU!
  2. tlm@sariah:~/Hak5$ shasum -a 256 -b c2-3.0.1.zip a7b0046ad87ac34f3ff0427ad9bd856785a25651fd99d8b69fbdfb598786df67 *c2-3.0.1.zip Which is different than the sha256 listed above for the software. Is that what you needed?
  3. Thank You Chrizree! I offer this: tlm@sariah:~/Hak5$ shasum -a 256 -b c2-3.0.1.zip a7b0046ad87ac34f3ff0427ad9bd856785a25651fd99d8b69fbdfb598786df67 *c2-3.0.1.zip tlm@sariah:~/Hak5$ cat Hak5_sha256_cksum cb3fbd5eaaa29cf1615f57850a5aea132ed6926a72e9ff0f6c1176ae67f1db62 *c2-3.0.1.zip tlm@sariah:~/Hak5$ Any ideas?
  4. OK I am a long time out of a daily job as a sysadmin. I bought a pineapple and tried to download the c2-3.0.1.zip file. My sha256 checksum doesn't match. I feel pretty certain that it isn't a hack. But I'm getting back in to things again and I want to be careful. Please understand that I love all Unixen but I haven't been deep like this for some time. Ubuntu 20.04.1 I used "shasum -a 256 -b c2-3.0.1.zip " and got a totally different checksum. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank YOU! Terry
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