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  1. Hi Guys, Apologies I didn't see that sub section. Thanks for the dimensions. Kind regards, Jamie Jay
  2. HI Guys, Does anyone have the dimensions for this? I wasn't able to find them under the product information. Thanks Jamie Jay
  3. Hi Chrizree, Firstly thanks not just for the reply but also for the time you have put into your response. I will go over all this information and act accordingly. Much appreciated! Jamie Jay
  4. Hi Rkiver, Apologies I just came across this shortly after my post. I have a small understanding of networks. I can build a PC but purely for gaming. This seems to be an interesting venture into a new possible career in the longterm. I will look for a tutor as I am the kind of person who learns by seeing more than reading. Thanks again. Kind regards, Jamie Jay
  5. Hello all. I hope you are all well. I am looking for a start up set into ethical hacking. I have a Raspberry Pi to start with and looking to add bits from the Hak5 shop. Does anyone know any guides or tutorials for people looking to get into white hat hacking, also what bits and pieces I should pick up from the shop itself? Also is there anyone on here tutor individuals for a set fee? Thanks for your time. Kind regards, Jamie Jay
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