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  1. Where did you get your antennas?
  2. SAME exact issue I'm having, and still no response to a unit exchange request!
  3. I've been exchanging emails back and forth with support, and still issue is unresolved! This device should of worked out of the box. I should not be expected to waste my time trying to fix what quality control should of caught before unit was shipped. At this point I have asked for a new and working unit to be sent to me, and instructions on sending the non-working unit back.
  4. Hello PentestSatori, I'm sure this has nothing to do with my issue, but my Pineapple box was mailed in a plain UPS plastic bag/envelope, with no protection at all. The Pineapple box was slightly dented from some type of impact, but the unit looked fine cosmetically. I'm in contact with support, they are very knowledgeable, and helpful in trying to diagnose my issue. I advise you PentestSatori, please contact support, I know they will resolve our issues!
  5. Foxtrot: I have multiple tickets with support, no response yet. FYI: Please pass on the fact that the "Order Number" field on the support request page is broken, rejects any entry other then "0".
  6. Yes I did used supplied cable, and yes the unit was fully booted, solid blue. I did run diagnostics, "Storage Test 1" FAILED
  7. Yes I did. Setup by WiFi: Got to browser and option to tap Reset Button, neither single tap, or holding for 4 seconds did anything, screen never changed. Setup by USB Ethernet: Got as far as connecting to Access Point, continuous Error: Connection failed. Yes my wireless password is correct, verified with multiple devices! I have a bad unit, and wish to have it replaced or my money back.
  8. First time setting it up, multiple issues! 1) Tried via cell, connect to pineapple ssid, then went to browser to set it up, "button" press did nothing, both single press and 4 sec press!! 2) Tried via type-c direct to laptop, got all the way to Download Latest Firmware....continues to give me Error: Connection Failed!! Tried accessing my wireless via multiple devices, no issues, password good!! Paid a total of 145. with shipping and I'm not happy!!!
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