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  1. I'm on v. 1.0.1 I connected to the admin Wifi and logged in. I clicked connect through Wifi. I go to the Wireless Client Mode box and find my home Wifi network. I enter my credentials and press connect. It then gives me an error. My wifi is WP2/WPA3 if that helps.
  2. I changed the Mark VII's IP address following this guide: https://architectsecurity.org/2018/08/how-to-configure-internet-connection-sharing-between-mac-os-x-and-a-hak5-wifi-pineapple/ I also cannot connect my Pineapple to my Wifi network through the web interface either because when I try to share my Wifi access point it says Connection Failed.
  3. I have this installed and it recognizes but I can't share my internet or have it connect to my wifi network. I changed it's IP address to and still no success
  4. Same can't connect to either ICS or wireless client mode from mobile or computer on my Mark VII
  5. Hey guys, first time noob here and I'm having a very difficult time getting my Mac to share its internet with my Mark VII. I googled and saw some forums that suggested changing my Pineapple's IP address, which I did, but I still didn't have any success in getting it to connect to the internet. Here's the site I used: https://architectsecurity.org/2018/08/how-to-configure-internet-connection-sharing-between-mac-os-x-and-a-hak5-wifi-pineapple/ Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers
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