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  1. 6 months later there is a ton of dust on the unit as it sits as a paper weight. It doesn't work, it hangs on the redirect screen during setup. I've tried factory reset, firmware updates etc.. I got to the main screen once or twice in the last 6 months, but nothing would work right no matter the configuration. Currently it seems broken as setup is impossible. I have an openGL150 that I converted to a pineapple nano and it works 100x better and cost $20. This has been nothing but a headache and a huge waste of time and money. There are STILL no modules and nobody cares about developing for this
  2. I had very similar experiences. I thought it was me. I was really stoked to get the new pineapple figuring it would be an improvement, now it sits collecting dust as it doesn't function properly. Waiting patiently for an update..
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