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  1. @Foxtrot ... I seem to be mistaken. The original posting here was a question regarding connecting the MK7 and AWUSO36ACM which does indeed use the MT7612U chipset and is listed on the compatible 802.11ac adapters page for the MK7. I thought it was strange that the 8812AU was being brought into the conversation and was trying to clarify that the original poster @Johnny network is attempting to use the correct adapter according to the product information. I realize now that @baudy2 was referring to the AWUSO36ACM while mentioning a different chip that just doesn't add up so @Just_a_User is correct, @baudy2 either got a knockoff adapter or is referencing the wrong adapter in the instance more than one adapter is connected to their system.
  2. According to the MK7 compatible 802.11ac adapters page https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360054071133-Compatible-802-11ac-adapters the MT7612U should work fine especially when using the AWUSo36ACM as it specifically listed as compatible hardware on the HAK5 site.
  3. I agree with @jholbrookftl and @Void-Byte. If you compare the 00:13:37:A8:01:5S that is associated to all of those open networks to the MAC address that is printed on the bottom of your MK7, I am sure you will find that they are the same. This should confirm for you that it is indeed your Pineapple MK7 that is broadcasting these open networks. Therefore, the most likely culprit of this is your PineAP settings as described by @jholbrookftl.
  4. Same problem here with the client slowdown. I also have problems with old ssid leaks as discussed in another thread. I am confident Hak5 and the community will resolve these issues. I am still proud of my new MK7 even though I can't really use it right now. I know its going to be awesome. Just gotta give it some time to work out the bugs but I am really antsy like everyone else wanting to put this to good use.
  5. First off thank you for taking an interest in helping us solve this issue. Please find attached a copy of the PineAP settings that I am currently using. The image of my settings is being hosted at imgbb https://ibb.co/X8gMwdR
  6. I doubt it. I just factory reset my Pineapple Mark VII and it is still picking up the old SSID's and broadcasting them. I am not sure if this problem is related but the "Capture SSID's to Pool" is UN-checked and it is still capturing SSID's to the pool. I hope these bugs get worked out fast!
  7. I just got a Mark VII and it has the same problem. I am only a noob and trying to learn about pen testing. I created a phony access point and connected with my mobile phone to see if it worked and everything seemed fine. Then I deleted the ssid of the phony access point from the ssid pool shut down the wifi pineapple mark vii and went to sleep. The next day when I was planning on learning more about the wifi pineapple I noticed it started broadcasting the old phony ssid that I created and deleted the day before. Now I cant get it to go away. Any ideas what could be wrong? It seems it is broadcasting old phony ssid's that should have been deleted. It appears they are not truly being deleted.
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