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  1. Ok not sure about the technical terms but I'll try my best to explain: Lets say I log into a network with my personal computer at my friend's house called "John's wifi" and then the next day to another friends place "Henry's Wifi" and on and on.. When I try a few days later creating an open network in a new environment with my personal computer for pentesting lets say, my wifi pineapple will be somehow exposing these same networks that I logged onto in the past ie: " John and Henry's wifi "are going to be shown in the list of available network as if they where in reach for other devices than my own personal computer. So it is basically exposing my past connections with the public. I hope you understand and will be able to explain this issue and help me out. thanks!
  2. Really need an answer for this because its basically sharing my past private connections with the whole neighbourhood which is really weird and counter productive...
  3. Why am I seeing older networks that I personally connected to in the past appear on the device I'm trying to hack? Thanks
  4. hello all, Just got my hands on a new Wifi Pineapple mk7 and I am still figuring out everything. For some reason, I cain't connect to my rogue Open Access Point called "FreeWifi" for example when I try with my Iphone. I'm connected to internet through my wireless client mode but it doesn't seem to feed my fake open wifi since other devices cain't access it. What's up with that? Thanks!
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