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  1. I am would like to make a payload that can be run on the screen crab. I would like to write a script that would clear the loot file of all images yet keep 2 of the files that are not image files. Would it be possible to program the button of the crab it can be programed to do different things like turn it off, but can you set it to access the file system of a device. to do that type of command and can you access the sd card contents from the script, or would this type of action make the device unstable. Sorry for the noob question
  2. What I have learned I swapped in a new SD card and the capture rate went back down to 10s, but when i put the sd card that I had been testing that had a minute of latency it went back to a minute of latency. From what I can understand the SD cards as they fill up introduce a delay. It seems irrespective of what sd card used. I don't know what is causing this to happen, but it is. It seems that you have to swap in a new sd card as the latency starts to increase. I think that the memory storage format is the issue, if you could use a thumb drive or a nvme
  3. I have been testing the crab for the past 7 days continuously, with a capture rate of 10 seconds with a new screen crab, and high capacity high transfer rate sd card. for the first day the capture rate was normal, after 3 days it was up to 30 seconds, after 7 days the latency or capture is at 1min30. I pulled the sd card out and looked at the captures and it was also at the same rate on the card so the captures are being taken at the same interval as they are being sent to the server. It is not a network transfer issue as I had originally thought. From what i can gather the longer the device runs continuously with a high capture rate the time between captures starts to get longer. Any ideas for further analysis or remedies much apricated.
  4. The capture rate is set between 10 sec to 15 with a capacity of 500 gb & 250 gb however I believe that the capacity is not the issue, the latency did not appear for several days, and when it did appear it was essentially unnoticeable and only became so when it was pronounced. the sd cards being used is a san disk ultra mico 1U, A1, sdxc, class 10 with a write speed of 10 megabytes per sec. Just the standard san disk sd card. I have purchased 2 different high capacity high transfer speed cards, one is a san disk extreme 4k uhd , 3U, a2, v30, with a write speed of up to 160 MBs read, and 90 MBs write, and the second is a gigastone but i am still waiting on delivery. Unfortunately all of my crabs are field deployed I have one on order with hak 5 but I am waiting on shipping. Let me know if you encounter the same issue, thanks
  5. Update. The screen crab was powered off at the end of the day for the night when it was restarted, the latency disappeared. However after a period of time it came back. I do not believe that it is linked to c2. At this point I believe it has to do with the SD card. This is a new phenomena I have used the crab multiple times however it is always disconnected at the end of the day. It might be a cache issue if it is used for high destiny captures for long periods of time. I will be doing some bench testing to find out what the cause is.
  6. I have multiple crabs running and i'm encountering a issue, where when the device is first plugged in it transfers at the interval set in the config file but as it runs over time, the time between captures gets longer, When transferring to cloud c2. For example, I have run it with two different servers with two different networks, with two different sd cards. It is running 24/7 for multiple days. They start out with normal capture intervals but after a few days of running for 24 hours the latency gets up to 1 minute for one and 2 minutes for the other server, what could be the cause of this any advice much appreciated. I have talked to the vps provider and they say that there is no bandwidth constraints on my accounts.
  7. Thank you. This is exactly what I needed to know
  8. No I want to use the web GUI But I don't know how to use it. Do I use command line commands like mv and then specify the destination. I exported loot once without a destination and had to go looking for the files. Thank you for your time
  9. When it comes to exporting loot from c2. Do I use the same commands that you would in Linux and just specify the destination. Or is there a particular way. A quick example is all I need.
  10. This probably sounds stupid, I have previously set up a c2 instance and had some devices linked to it, I then updated and restarted the server and I could no longer connect the devices to the server I have another instance running and I'm hesitant to update the instance because I don't want to brick the devices in the field. Will the devices still be able to connect when I update.
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