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  1. Hey there, Thanks for your reply and help, i did not knew i had to download GParted and boot ISO file, i watched and learned how to do it but it was not possible. it still had same issues of not detecting, for first 5 mins it was detected. once i installed another module just kept loading and then when i refreshed after 20 mins the "install SD Card" option was gone seems like hardware issue to me? is there any way i can check if it's my end issue or hardware issue, because i tried above steps and did not worked for me Thanks
  2. hey there, it's been many days i got no solution and i bought this product but not even able to actually use the modules due to this issue, hoping for some reply, if any logs or some proof needed then just let me know, i'll send it
  3. also let me know if i should share any details/logs/videos which can help troubleshooting
  4. Hey there, i am new to community, i recently bought nano and i tried 4,8,32gb sd card, i try formatting them it did not worked in starting but at some rare ocassions it does get detected once after formating, but even if it's getting detected after 10 sec it's auto getting undetected + i cannot install anything on sd card, it always says installing (rarely when card is detected) and never gets any module installed i bought it with gathering my pocket money and i see it's not working, i have no idea what should i do, i tried formatting manually as well as via pineapple, also bought 32gb card specially for this I hope someone helps me out to fix it and determine its a hardware issue or my side Thanks, hoping for a reply
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