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  1. osx - catalina wifi pineapple mark 7 I have attempted to follow the Firmware recovery instructions given on the hak5 webpage. I am able to get the pineapple to flash red 3 times and I release the rest button. I think the issues is when I try to create a static IP. I have tried this 3 ways. 2 of which are in system preferences where I have create a static ip in a wifi configuration and I have tried the usb ethernet config. I have set in both of those interface settings manual ipv4 configurations with the static IP address of with the netmask I have also used the ifconfig option in terminal an this is what I have entered ifconfig en1 netmask up. Once tried all of those I tried to connect to the webpage And am unable to connect. PLZZZZZZZZZ HEWLLLPPPP
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