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  1. I guess I found the solution now the file wasn't getting uploaded because I was trying to exploit a device having an "android version 6" I tried it in a device with android version 9 and it worked. So maybe metasploit does not support some versions of android. I appreciate all your efforts to help me solve this issue BUT I STILL THINK THAT THIS THREAD SHOULD NOT BE CLOSED BECAUSE IT'S PRETTY ASTOUNDING A FILE TRANSFER USING UPLOAD COMMMAND IS NOT GETTING EXECUTED IN METASPLOIT . AND THE PHONE THAT I AM TRYING TO EXPLOIT IS IN ANDROID VERSION 6
  2. HERE IS WHAT I TRIED Is there a way to check for stack trace or log files? I tried to find them..but i was unsuccessful typed "pwd" to know my current location and it was /data/user/0/com.metasploit.stage/files Then I went to this location by using "cd" and searched for files.. but I got nothing! I am open to suggestions! tell me if i did something wrong
  3. Yeah that's me... LOL . I mean I didn't wanna label it as a bug.. It was my first time posting a question on github so I messed it up ..
  4. With due respect .... I mean how do you know that the metasploit team have labelled my issue as a bug?
  5. NOTE : THIS IS COMPLETELY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES AND I AM NOT TRYING TO HACK ANY DEVICE RIGHT NOW TO CREATE PROBLEM FOR SOMEONE .THE PHONE I AM TRYING TO EXPLOIT IS MY OWN SECOND DEVICE. I'm working with metasploit on TERMUX. So, My meterpreter session is open . I am able to access the SDCARD of the phone I am trying to exploit, but everytime I need to exploit the device, one needs to tap the app icon everytime for my meterpreter session to start. I want to create my payload persistent . So that, I don't have to wait for the user of the device to tap the icon again . So , I su
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