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  1. I noticed the same thing with my ALFA adapter, but then Foxtrot let me know the LED is disabled by default: I ran 'lsusb' and confirmed my Mk 7 was seeing the ALFA adapter even though the LED on the adapter wasn't on. Now I just need to learn enough to get the Mk 6 to use it.
  2. Thanks Foxtrot...exactly the info I needed to confirm it is indeed working being seen by the Mk 7 (and understand why the LED was disabled).
  3. I also have the AWUS036ACM. When you plug it into the Mk 7, does the blue light on the adapter light up? If so, did you have to do anything special to get the Mk 7 to detect/enable the adapter? When I plug my Mk 7 into my Mk 7, the blue light doesn't come on like it does when I plug it into a Windows 10 machine. Sorry of this is silly question, but I just got my Mk 7 yesterday and had ordered the AWUS036ACM to use with it, so I'm in the process of learning the most basic stuff right now.
  4. The link that used to be under WiFi Pentesting is now gone too. I was considering buying one of these but maybe I missed my chance.
  5. I was looking to buy the WiFi Pineapple Field Guide and it now looks like it is out of stock and "Coming Soon". Does this mean it is being updated for the new Pineapple VII?
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