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  1. Thanks so much for the reply I appreciate it! I'm going to order the ducky as the first tool and do a lot of experiments with it. From your writing it seems that you are a veteran in the field, do you know of a script that sends xl files via email? I found a script for PDF and a TXT files But I did not find one that is specific for XL
  2. Is the only option to send the files to Google's gmail? Or is it also possible to store the files (of the attacked computer) on the duck itself?
  3. That makes sense, but given his situation this is the easiest option. Unless he wants to fly to a country that allows shipping and return
  4. Technically you can use a company with warehouses in the United States, ship there and then they will ship to you Assuming it is legal?
  5. I appreciate your answer, I am trying to do research to know which of the products is good for me (I am in a pen testing course) and it is very confusing because many products are already considered "old" and I am not sure which one to choose. Have you purchased The Bash Benny and can you tell me about your experience with him?
  6. Thank you very much! I found this post and saw that there is an interesting and quite relevant discussion about the rubber ducky, Is it okay to ask you what you think about its relevance today? Does Windows Defender really detect it? There is an experiment in the course I am in that I am interested in trying and I want to choose the right tool for it 🙂 Thank you a lot in advance and have a great week
  7. Thanks for sharing, I looked there and saw that most of the posts are from a few years ago, and I was going to ask if these tools are relevant today in 2020(:
  8. Hi friends I am really new in this world, I started some courses in ethical hacking/pen testing and I wanted to expand my experience with this some hak5 tools and I wanted to know if it is still relevant today after so many years? Is he still carrying out attacks in a smart and effective way? I would love to hear opinions and reviews
  9. Hello everyone, I was following the videos on YouTube and I was really fascinated I want to research in depth the Pen testing world and i saw that hak5 has a lot of tools that can help you as a beginner and I wanted to know what is the most suitable tool for learning and practicing pen testing?
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