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  1. I received my WiFi Pineapple Mark VII yesterday and was eager to try it out today. Unfortunately, after playing around with it for a couple of hours, my mood has completely changed and I would really like to set fire to the device now. Maybe I am too stupid for this, but there could also be quite a few bugs. Hopefully, somebody can confirm that I am not getting mad ;-) First of all, I had to re-run the installation multiple times, starting from scratch with the mk7-recovery_1.0.1.bin. In hindsight, the main issue seems to have been that I am using hidden Wi-Fi networks to connect to, and somehow that seems causing a lot of problems. But finally, I got everything up and running using the manually uploaded upgrade-1.0.0.bin firmware. After logging in for the first time, I want to connect to a Wi-Fi-network in Settings | Networking. I choose wlan2 (there is no other option?) and scan. There I find a long, but incomplete, list of Wi-Fi-networks, from which I sometimes can, but also sometimes cannot choose my own not-hidden network. Connecting to the network often goes wrong, the system seems to hang. When it works and the settings are saved, they are forgotten the next time I boot. Whatever I do, it seems useless. The worst thing is that in many cases, the system locks and I only get to see '()'. Only rebooting helps in that case. In some cases, the system is creating error messages that are not resolved with rebooting, and I need to start all over again with the recovery image. But this is not all. I used Active scanning to populate the SSID Pool, but decided to clear it. After clearing the pool, the device just seems not to forget about the networks it has found, and even though I am 100% sure there is only ONE network in the SSID Pool, all other network SSID's are broadcast when I enable active mode. I don't know what to do about this. Also, In the Recon menu, I can see a long list of access points, but only very seldom a client connected to them. Only occasionally I see a client connected. This is strange, because I have specifically created a new SSID on the 2,4 GHz band and I am connecting a device to it. Only very seldom this is shown. I have tried everything I can imagine to get a client connected to the system, but to no avail. Even though the SSID is broadcast in Active Mode and I connect to it. Forgetting the network on my device and re-connecting from scratch does not help. And yes, I have checked the filtering: the Client Filter is on Deny List which is empty, SSID Filter is on Allow and the SSID I want to use is in the list. I am totally lost now. It could be me, being too stupid for the Wi-Fi Pineapple? Or is the Pineapple software is very buggy? I hope there is somebody who can give me a few clues on what to do next. Thanks in advance!
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