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  1. I have been messing with my pineapple, and was wondering if there is anything that can "intercept" https traffic as a man in the middle. Theoretically, couldn't you have a legit connection between the pineapple, and the internet, and just show the connected device whatever it got? that way it would be encrypted, but only between the pineapple and whatever you're accessing. This is probably already a thing, but some pointers on how to do it on the mkvii would be great. Basically all it would do is let someone use a device like normal, and I would pick up everything going on. Thanks!
  2. So, I would like to add 5ghz capabilities to my Wi-Fi pineapple, and I have an adapter I have used on my laptop before with all the capabilities. (injection, 2.4, 5, the works). I want to know how I would go about making it integrate with the pineapple's interface, for example, when scanning for nearby networks and doing automatic associations, I want 5ghz options to pop up so I don't have to use the command line in it. Any help is great. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone happen to know when the Wifi Pineapple VII will be back in stock?
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