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  1. Hello everyone! Hope it's not too big off topic. I am very excited about my great WiFi pineapple. I recorded a small video review of wifi pineapple addressed to a Polish group of users or people from Poland who are still wondering before buying. ----------------- Witam serdecznie! Mam nadzieje że to nie zbyt duży off topic. Jestem bardzo zachwycony moim WiFi Pineapple. Nagrałem małe recenzje wideo odnośnie wifi pineapple skierowaną do polskiej grupy użytkowników lub osób z Polski które zastanawiają się jeszce nad kupnem.
  2. cool! I confirm, after updating to iOS 14 the web application works!
  3. yea, I can control pineapple via ssh, but GIU is perfect work on android phone and I would like it to work on iPhone too. Maybe someone from hak5 will say when we can expect this bug to be repaired?
  4. Hello, In iPhone XS, 6, 7 web interface not working. I tried using different browsers (Opera, Firefox and Safar) and none of them even work the login page.
  5. Hello, is it possible to install Nano or Tetra modules? Currently, there are few modules to use with the GUI level.
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