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  1. How do you get a LanTurtle, I ordered one back in Aug. and still has not come and no response from Hak5 other then a copy of my invoice, so what do I need to do?
  2. Don't know about now days, but back it the day apple had a program on the website for PC that would let you control your cell phone as a soft phone. Poke around on the apple site and look for it.
  3. Look into the Showden apps for android, I think he had some thing like it.
  4. Sounds like a HD password to me. Can you get into the bios? If so go to security and change the HD password as its good to have on.
  5. Im having the same problem and ordered the same time as you. When I E-mailed them they just sent a pic of my invoice back to me, card says they have been paid but still no show on the lan turtle. Is it the fires all up the coast that stopped shipping?
  6. Hello, My name is Edwin and im in search of some networking help. An old friend turned hacker has been connecting to all my devices/internets and been bullying my whole family. He has told me alot of what he is doing I just don't know how to block it any more. I have bought a lan turtle and waiting for it to come as im hoping there might be some tools on it to help me hack my self to see all the things thats going on that I can't see, as he has been using my internet some how. He keeps spying on us and connecting to our cell phones and redirecting them to gosh knows where, making all
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