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  1. I've read somewhere on this forum that the mark vii doesn't yet support using a usb connected wifi for anything but connecting to a wireless client. I could be wrong but I'm only able to use my alfa (wlan3) to connect to a wireless network and not for anything related to pineap. I tried manually editing the configs for pineap to use wlan3 but the whole web interface became very unstable...
  2. Just a FYI if your using a usb adapter like me for 5ghz, the mark vii always defaults to wlan2 for Wireless Client Mode.... This of course didn't work for me since I wanted it to connect using wlan3 for a 5ghz connection. I fixed this by just running wpa_config in the cli and pointing to wlan3. it shows up correctly in the browser
  3. Has anyone tried out the PineAP Enterprise tool? Every time I select "enable" and/or "passthrough" the options don't seem to save if I click to another tab and the cloning of a Enterprise Network on the recon tab, doesn't seem to do anything... Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Thanks for the knowledge and link!!
  5. Can anyone confirm Alfa AWUS036ACM works with the Mark VII? I know its listed as compatible, but a few people, on amazon, are complaining about non-existent Linux drivers. In the past I've have great luck with Alfa's but this is the first one I'm seeing that doesn't explicitly call out Linux, only MAC and Windows.... https://store.rokland.com/products/alfa-awus036acm-802-11ac-dual-band-2-4-5-ghz-wifi-usb-adapter Take care!
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