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  1. On 6/8/2021 at 8:25 PM, Foxtrot said:

    This is indeed the idea. As some of you who have tried the beta already know by now, the 1.1.0 firmware has a drop-down in the Networking settings that allows you to set a supported dual band adapter for the device.

    This is common, many people mistakenly buy the AWUS036AC (which has an unsupported RTL8812AU chipset) instead of the AWUS036ACM (which has the supported MT7612U chipset). The cases are identical except for an "M" logo on the top of the ACM.

    yep it is very easy to do.

  2. I cannot wait for the adapter to come out, I will be buying 7 of them. I tried to do a lab with one of these pineapples for my students last week in my Pentesting class and wound up not having much success because all of our potential targets (other students who were made aware of our lab) were on 5ghz. I am also looking forward to the enterprise model.

    I have 2 of the supported adapters and cannot get any of the 7 pineapples I have to recognize either of them.

  3. I finally got around to loading up my OMG keylogger cable with the programmer. once i go in and set the SSID and password and connect to the cable i get the exact same interface as what i get with my non-keylogger OMG cable. I have been very careful to not get the two cables mixed up and am confident that i am using the correct cable. is there a link to the firmware for the keylogger cable? i would like to flash it with the latest firmware to make sure all is on the up and up.

  4. On 9/14/2020 at 9:23 PM, DaddyMACaddress said:

    Mine won't light, but it finally showed up under lsusb and ifconfig once I made sure the Mk VII had 2A  and used a USB splitter to supplement power to the AWUS036ACM. The splitter might not be necessary for the Alfa, but I'll have to go back and test it later tonight. 

    mine does not work no matter what i do. you just plugged it up and it eventually worked?

  5. 17 hours ago, EdwardNygma said:

    I doubt it.  I just factory reset my Pineapple Mark VII and it is still picking up the old SSID's and broadcasting them.  I am not sure if this problem is related but the "Capture SSID's to Pool" is UN-checked and it is still capturing SSID's to the pool.  I hope these bugs get worked out fast!

    perhaps grab a shot of your pineAP settings? I had something similar going on and i'd like to compare settings on that page.

  6. 16 hours ago, EdwardNygma said:

    I just got a Mark VII and it has the same problem.  I am only a noob and trying to learn about pen testing.  I created a phony access point and connected with my mobile phone to see if it worked and everything seemed fine.  Then I deleted the ssid of the phony access point from the ssid pool shut down the wifi pineapple mark vii and went to sleep.  The next day when I was planning on learning more about the wifi pineapple I noticed it started broadcasting the old phony ssid that I created and deleted the day before.  Now I cant get it to go away.  Any ideas what could be wrong?  It seems it is broadcasting old phony ssid's that should have been deleted.  It appears they are not truly being deleted.

    check the pineAP settings, it is almost certainly the culprit.

  7. 2 hours ago, Put_a_SOC_in_IT said:

    Just received a Pineapple VII and wasn't able to setup a shared LAN Connection so I'm trying to connect to a 5ghz SSID on an RT-AX88U.  It lists the right name but the wrong MAC and says it's Open but its configured for WPA2-Personal. 2.4GHz is connecting without any problems.  I've tried with 802.11ax enabled & disabled, no noticeable difference.

    Wrong MAC:

    00:13:37:a8:01:55 = Orient Power Home Network Ltd.


    the mark 7 cannot connect to 5ghz, the built-in radios are only 2.4ghz. as for your other post showing all of the open SSIDs with the same mac, I believe this is normal behavior and is intended. you likely have pineAP on and set to active or advanced and it's performing the SSID capture and then adding them to the open radio to attempt to lure folks on to it.

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  8. 17 hours ago, Just_a_User said:

    How about using the management network AS the spoofed network with a password?

    i stand corrected, i just tried this and it seems to work. i appreciate the feedback, however i would still like to see this on the primary recon interface to prevent or reduce the liklihood of someone stumbling upon the management interface.

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