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  1. Actually, the software is supposed to be a "refinement" (in the words of Darren) of the previous pineapple generation.
  2. What firmware of the Tetra are you using?
  3. Where is the Kismet package? Is it from the community repository or do we have to install via ssh?
  4. For windows, click on the symbol that lets you choose what internet connection you'd like to connect to on the bottom right of your screen. It should show you're connected to your AP (I'm assuming you're using wifi). Click on "Properties", located to the left of the "Disconnect button". Scroll down until you see "IP Settings" and click edit. "Edit IP settings" should be manual and directly beneath that turn on IPv4. Adjust your settings to input (and the rest of it) and then save. You should be good to go and be able to connect to
  5. Hello, I just received my Tetra today and I had some questions regarding the deauth and tor modules. I am using the external AC to power the device. I'm using a compatible Alfa external wifi adapter to bridge an internet connection to my router - which shows up as wlan2. When I go into the deauth module, I'll click on wlan1, modify my blacklist for a particular device, and click Start. It doesn't start and the network interface changes to wlan1mon. I click start again and then in the output section it would show some information and then "Starting deauth..." No update nor any effect. What am I possibly doing wrong? As for the tor module, as the dependencies have been installed, I click start and my ip is still the same. I was assuming I could use the tetra as a TorRouter. I am directly connected to the management AP. Are there additional steps that need to be done or is the tor-module used for something else entirely? Thanks for any help.
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