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  1. Thanks for that. Unfortunately I can’t buy this because I don’t have the money. But is there a way to send the payload without the bash bunny stick? How about a usb drive? Or downloading the drivers onto the usb flash drive? Will that work? Because I can’t buy the bash bunny, it’s too much. So I’m sorry about that. Can I buy a cheap one online somewhere maybe? Just let me know. Because I want to see if that’s correct. So just let me know if I can run the payloads without the bash bunny. So maybe that’s possible. So just let me know if I can do that. So just get back to me and let me know. So t
  2. Okay. So do I save it as a text file? Is that right? But how do I get it to run at the login screen and make the CMD Prompt come up? Can you let me know on how to do that? So I save the txt file and run it? And how do I open up PowerShell? So I can run this the login screen? Is that right? Just let me know if that’s right. So just let me know if that’s correct. So thanks a lot.
  3. I need some help here. How does this work? Do I need PowerShell to use this payload? I just wanted to know on how to run this sticky bunny correctly so that I can get the CMD Prompt at login screen. But I’m not sure on how to run this. Is this a .sh file? Like what extension should I save the payload as? Just let me know because I want to start using this. So just let me know. And get back to me soon on this. So thanks a lot.
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