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  1. I would say with a gadget like the MK7 you will not addressing the real geeks. So you can’t expect specific services finally. The most I know which interesting are beginners which smells the cyber stuff opportunities. Sure. Not all.
  2. The recommendation to "developing those modules" yourself is appropriate. But it could provoke the decision or more the question why someone should buy the Wifi Pineapple MK7 and no other device. Currently the Wifi Pineapple is limited by hardware and OS. There are three wifi adapters but no one talks 5Ghz. The OS is more limited than the others. Everyone who is able to code proprietary pineapple modules is able to use completely self-constructed devices with less effort. That could be the reason that the MK7 is on the market for months and no new modules appears. I assume there will be no coding community in the next days. If there was a community it could be the risk that a next version of a device will drop off the past developed stuff again could scare off. But anyway: I woul appreciate if I am wrong.
  3. Here my quick and dirty workaround for the open ap challenge. edited /etc/config/wireless to setup to hide or disable the Open Access Point. But I'm afraid that it will be over written at the next opportunity. Hints would be helpful. The arrows shows the new line: config wifi-iface option device 'radio0' option network 'lan' option mode 'ap' -> option encryption 'psk2+ccmp' -> option key 'topsecretwpakeypw' option maxassoc '100' -> option disabled '1' option encryption 'none' option ssid 'OpenForEveryone' option hidden '1' No it's not more visible. But am I on the right ways? Chris
  4. What's the challenge to response such a vulnerability note. The 1st time I saw such a note was in November. Finally that is what it is: an attack vector. Who is connecting the Open AP - and everyone can do that - is able to attack the Pineapple. How i can stop providing - hiding isn't enough - this password-less access point? Until clarification I can't recommend anyone to use the device. A shell command would be helpfully. Best Regards Chris
  5. Hi, the most of modules were in the past nice to see but not really in practical use from most of people. The new UI seems more sorted and the first steps with the mk7 seems simplier to me. Finally in the past I never took and recommended as a tool for professional use but more for awareness and other types of training. Let's see what will possible with MK7 now and in the future. Best Regards c
  6. The dev/sdx is changing from second to second. The card gets error: Buffer I/O error on dev sdh, logical block 15591887, async page read Buffer I/O error on dev sdh, logical block 512, async page read and finally disconnect and attached new again. Thats the reason for the new name. If one card is defect I would understand, but I now tested 4 of them. Different manufacturer and size. Without sd card the wifi pineapple is not more usable now. I will try to find out if other OpenWrt installations knows thos challange. But the better way would be, if the guy who sold this stuff provides a solution. Best Regards c
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