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  1. I am trying to ssh into my pineapple and it returns: "ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused" anyone know what I can do to fix this?
  2. Hello, I am a new Wifi Pineapple Nano owner. I have followed the hack 5 setup guide. I currently have my pineapple setup on my desktop. I have allowed my network connection to be shared. I changed the IPv4 IP address to the When I load the bulletins from Hak5 it loads correctly. When I try to download modules it works as well. I have both client filtering and ssid filtering set to deny so anyone can join at the moment. I have the PineAP Daemon enabled with all checkboxes from Allow Associations to Broadcast SSID pool enabled except capture SSIDs to pool. I am currently broadcasting one SSID. I am able to connect to this SSID I have broadcasting. My device pops up under the clients tab. The issue I am having is when I try to browse on my computer that is connected to the Wifi Pineapple. I can connect to google. I can google anything and it loads. However, when I try to click a link of something I have googled or if I try to type a URL I cannot access the site. This happens the majority of the time. It will just sit there indefinitely trying to load the site. Odd exceptions are that I can access Wikipedia.org, osmosis.org, costco.com, and youtube.com. I have been looking on youtube and forums about my issue. I have not found much except people that have not been able to get their bulletins to load which is usually incorrect sharing or IP address settings. This doesnt seem to be my problem since I can load some websites. I apologize if I am missing something obvious here. I am pretty new to this and trying to learn more. I have been stuck troubleshooting the issue for a few hours and have not made any progress. I appreciate any help and/or suggestions.
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