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  1. Yeh! I’ll admit when I took a 90 day break and came back to 1.0.1 I was a little disheartened. I happened to switch to the beta fork yesterday just to check it out. Back to mainstream. 😀
  2. It was intentional to have a username field that was meaningless?
  3. Don’t buy. I’ve have both the tetra and the Mark VII. There is a good reason you can still buy the tetra. after I purchased the M7 I realized the I entered a paid beta program. Not that big of a deal really and there are some things about the M7 that I like more than the tetra. I took a 3 month break to return to the M7 finding that both the C2 and the M7 had a new version. Unfortunately the M7 didn’t get much better and although C2 now supported the M7 it doesn’t do much good. An ultra cheap netbook running kali and a 20$ panda wireless USB adapter would server you better right now. I have hope for the product but i would give it a pass. 1. Scans are unreliable. It frequently can’t find AP’s that it should. 2. Campaigns do not work as you expect. Maybe my expectations are wrong but if I set up a scan interval and a report interval I expect the M7 to scan and report more than once. 3. No delete button for old reports. Really? There is a work around. Do it manually. 4 the dark skin obscures some menu options. 5 horrible documentation. Common guys a 10 minute random YouTube video. 6 no new modules. Probably because the product has so many flaws. 7. C2 support is awful. 8. No real 5Ghz support. The new module that hak5 will sell never came to market. im getting ready to try the beta fork but if this is what’s stable I wonder what the unstable release has in store for me.
  4. You should be able to delete campaigns from the web interface. I ended up with one I could not so I grabbed the cabinet module and found the campaign folder here /etc/pineapple/campaigns/MonitorHome you can edit the campaign configuration files manually and delete the campaign if you get one stuck like I did. the reports are in /root/loot So you can edit the campaign information but it is a manual process with a lot of trial and error.
  5. I just got my Alfa. I shows up as wlan3. I can use it as a client but it will not pass traffic when connect @ 5ghz to my access point. It will pass traffic when connect @ 2.4 ghz. Strange. looking forward to the next firmware update.
  6. Bump - Pineapple tetra 2.7.0 connected via ethernet port Cloud c2 2.2.0 lots of scan data on the pineapple no recon scans in c2.
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