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  1. I'll have to take a look at this sometime during the week since I've only made it to Chapter 13! I had so many issues with HackTheBox and OpenVPN so I got stuck there for quite a while. I'm not sure what versions of OS you are running but the first thing that came to mind is maybe you have a patched version of the OS? Unless it's a network based attack like a MITM as opposed to Windows exploit. I haven't messed with ParrotOS but I do have a copy. Trying to get a grasp with Linux in general since I have maybe a years experience.
  2. Yes, thanks! I've started here but I just feel very overwhelmed with the information so I decided to start reaching out to the community as well. I have some books I want to order to read for sure, podcasts like Beers with Talos, DarkWeb Diaries, Hak5's Threat Wire, and Security Weekly I try and keep up with, plus lately the Talos security blog and random Youtuber's channels. I need to get into an IRC chat since that seems like the thing every IT person needs to have done by now! Yeah for sure! I have GNS3 for those types of labs but I tend to get sidetracked. What lesson is it so
  3. Hey, everyone! First off, I'm new here. I've been doing my best to look around the forums and do as much research as I can on my own but it still leaves me wanting one thing...Help. A bit about myself first. I've been working with computers for as long as I remember and just 5 years ago I decided to give myself a bit of direction and shoot for a network Admin or Engineering position but it wasn't until the past year that I've wanted to get into the InfoSec field and I really don't have anyone that I know to bounce ideas off of or just talk tech. I've gotten a few of the basic CompTia
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