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  1. Hey everyone, I am new, but i have a general android question and i am looking for pointers. You can run Kali, Debian and some other Distros in a chroot or proot in Android devices. My question is could i do it the otherway around? Like have /e/ running as Main system and run Android in a chroot. Or have it handled in some manner so that i could have a contained googlefied Android and a more anonymous Main system?
  2. Xfce is not working. You get the same Picture whe you Install Kali on your Phone in a Proot. Is your Pi headless or does it boot to Desktop when plugged in?
  3. There are a few issues with this Project. 1. The esp32 can't be easily Setup in Monitor Mode. But it has another Mode you can use i can't remember what it was called. 2. You might have to add an capacitor since the esp32 has issues with powerspikes when using WiFi. 3. Nullbyte has a Video out in how to Control a Micro Controller with Micropython remotely it could be what you need. Adding a read write head with SD Card should be fine. Hackster has an article in how to handle the cores from the esp32. The esp32 has an ultralowpower Mode that you could incorporate to have it lasting longer. I don't know about Bluetooth sniffing.
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