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  1. Description With this module you can both traceroute a host and ping all of the hops that the traceroute goes through effectively having traceroute and ping into one simple tool. Features Ping a host and the hops on the way to that host. See packet loss and average ping in ms Traceroute a host and see all the hops it takes to get to that host.
  2. Description Online and offline MAC address lookups. Features Offline checks without a internet connection. Online checks for more advanced information.
  3. Heyo! So I've been having this issue for a while now, all of the services on the "turtle" menu always seem started or on, pressing the start or well now called "stop" button just says "killing <module> at PID <PID>" and when pressing it again just the same thing, none of the modules are one as none of them do what they're supposed to do when on. And enabling a service doesnt show the "*" symbol in the checkbox next to the service name like it usually does when enabled. Any clues? Attached images show a non started / enabled service and one show how the menu looks with the openvpn server enabled and started
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