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  1. With Bing, I guess you mean Edge, or?! It's for sure a Firefox thing if it works in other browsers. You could try to "force" refresh (bypass cache) of the page loading or clear cache and such. - Hold down the Shift key and left-click the Reload button - Press "Ctrl + F5" or press "Ctrl + Shift + R" (Windows,Linux) - Press "Command + Shift + R" (Mac) Could also be some addon/plugin that you might have active/installed. Difficult to say without having the "whole picture painted of the landscape".
  2. Follow the documentation and try one of the executables in the downloaded C2 zip file
  3. This is at least the most recent info that is available on the Kismet web site, I guess you have already tried that though, but it must be the latest "variant" of the way to do it since it's published there (and also updated on the 4th of Feb 2021, that is "recent" in my book) https://www.kismetwireless.net/docs/readme/kml/
  4. I guess you have followed Darren's 3 videos on the topic (episodes 2701, 2702 and 2703). If you have, it should work. Have you tried any other browser, even on other devices? You shouldn't see the IP or 8080 anymore, seems like a browser issue at first but since you try an incognito window, you should get it working. Is your Lightsail VPS firewall configured to accept 443 traffic? You should get another kind of "behavior" in the case you haven't though.
  5. I wouldn't use the Mk7 in such scenarios, it's not really what it's for. Depending on what "method" the open captive portal is using, it might be possible to spoof a MAC address of an already registered device. I.e. register on the open network with, for example, your phone. Then spoof the MAC address of your phone on the device that doesn't speak "open captive portal". It might work...
  6. OK, I understand your limitations when it comes to your data plan/tether plan. I'm not used to such limitations where I live. An alternative could be to trick the provider in the way they limit things. I'm not sure if it's working in your specific case, but you could at least try if you feel for it and perhaps eliminating the need of EasyTether. Look at Glytch's videos on how to alter the TTL value. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHqlYILMhgg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alMsu_tfZPE
  7. ehhh, not exactly sure what page you are talking about, but the shop is at https://shop.hak5.org/
  8. a) define "hack" since this isn't a forum for illegal stuff b) the question should be posted in another section of the forum since it's way to wide to be Key Croc specific (and/or related to ssh)
  9. I guess you got your answers/guidance on Discord
  10. Good idea! The "sad" part is that the storage of the Owl is limited (I guess it's the politically correct word to use) and it's rather difficult to get something installed that can serve other devices with GPS data, such as gpsd. It might be possible to solve, but I haven't had time to dig deeper into it.
  11. Yes, I know that it’s how EasyTether works. I still don't get your use case scenario, but... anyway... What do you mean with "monthly hotspot plan"? The hotspot is a built in feature in your Android phone. Just create a hotspot using the standard Android features/menus. Then connect the Pineapple to the hotspot using wlan2. It's then possible to connect to the Pineapple from the phone or any other device that is connected to the phone's hotspot. This is independent of if the phone has a mobile internet connection or not, I'm now running (parallel to writing this) on a phone that has
  12. Well, it should work, it does for me at least. What settings do you have on your Pineapple apart from the modules? What module are you trying to run? Evil portal or some other ones?
  13. Or use Raspwn, the vulns are "built in", depends on what the goal is though (and it's unspecified in this case). No need to run for a specific image/distro or OpenWrt either, just grab a standard Raspberry Pi OS Lite image and install dnsmasq, hostapd and add some iptables rules and the the AP is up and running. Vulns needs to be added though.
  14. Is there a specific reason to why you have to use a cable between the phone and the Mk7 and not simply use a hotspot on the phone to connect the Mk7 to?
  15. How is this scenario different from what you've already asked?
  16. it will always be 100%, no bug
  17. https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360010471134-Factory-Reset
  18. What computer do you have? Mac? Running Windows (version?)... Linux?
  19. OK, try it, but adding virtualization to it all might complicate it though, if you have a separate computer it might be a better way (PC, Raspberry Pi, etc), but if you haven't and are proficient with VMs, then try that (I have executed C2 on an Android phone, but that isn't recommended at all)
  20. In what way are you hosting/running C2? I haven't used my Turtle for a couple of months, but I fired it up now and has loot streaming enabled (always on/already running) on my C2 instance and exfiltrated loot to C2 from my Turtle without any problems. No lockups or such.
  21. Ask in one of the Pineapple sections that corresponds to your model and also describe what OS you are using (I guess Windows, but it would be good to have the details of your setup)
  22. As the module says; there is no /sys/class/leds/turtle:yellow:system/brightness file on the Turtle The only equivalent that is available is in /sys/class/leds/lan-turtle:orange:system/ Just comment out those lines (or actually three in total) and see if it works, It's just LED stuff (and yellow looks kinda odd since the Turtle just has green and amber/orange, but perhaps it's some color feature I'm not aware of), or... replace the "yellow" lines with the "orange" one to get the orange/amber LED of the Turtle to blink instead
  23. Another thing that came to mind... in what way do you power your Pineapple? What's your power source? At least 2A? It shouldn't be a reason in this case since the errors are pretty consistent but it's always good to be sure that enough power is supplied to the Pineapple.
  24. If you install tree on the Pineapple and position yourself in /root/portals and run the tree command, what does the output look like?
  25. It for sure looks different than my log, see how it cuts when reading the portals... 2021-01-25 23:06:57,269 - evilportal - DEBUG - Sending response {"payload": [{"title": "google-login", "portal_type": "basic", "size": 4096, "location": "/root/portals/google-login", "active": false}, {"title":>2021-01-25 23:06:57,383 - evilportal - DEBUG - Processing request. (module.py:211) just when it's about to list the next portal (Facebook in my log) it throws a Processing request message, not sure if it has any relevance, but it looks odd
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