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  1. That's a convenient way of relocating the antennas. I decided not to alter the original case in any way so I 3D printed an alternative variant instead so that the Mk7 can be restored to stock. Looks almost exactly the same (as the picture) when it comes to antenna positions, but I added an extra "box" on top of the original case that lowers the antennas making it a bit more compact when it comes to height/length. In addition, I also added a bracket for my Alfa ACM external USB 5 GHz NIC so that it all comes together as one unit.

  2. If it was me, I would do the firmware recovery again and make sure to use the correct recovery image and then upgrade to the latest firmware version (2.7.0). My Nano shows a newer version of nginx so you are at least not running the latest firmware version. Also remember that you need to "extend" your scanning options if you want port 1471 to show up when using nmap. It won't show in a standard scan and you have to include that port (or a range where that port is included) with the -p option/parameter.

  3. Hmmm, tell a bit more about the scenario, in what way is that PowerShell script introduced? Are you running an already existing PowerShell script on the "victim" machine from the Ducky (which shouldn't be a problem) or are you introducing the PowerShell script using the Ducky, i.e. quacking out strings that contain the script and then save it on the "victim" machine and then executing it?

  4. I won't go into why you would like to obtain your own WiFi password, I guess that you already know it and want to use your WiFi for practice. If you've lost it, just connect using cable and reset it. However, there are really tons of material about doing this (as you say), so if you haven't understood the concept from all your searches, then I'm not sure this is your thing really. I'm not sure what "very important steps" you are referring to, it's not rocket science. You need to get hold of a handshake from your network, either by deauthenticating a client that is connected or connecting a client device to the network (no deauth needed). Then crack it using (most likely) brute force/wordlist, either on equipment of your own, or some online service. The last part isn't "Pineapple work" though, you need some other hardware for that (or online service, as mentioned).

    Last but not least, post Hak5 gear specific topics in the appropriate forum sections (i.e. Pineapple questions in one of the Pineapple sections, depending on model).

  5. Aren't you supposed to run python setup.py install ? However, installing shouldn't be mandatory, it should be possible to run it directly using python sslstrip.py

  6. Does/did the Mark IV really have an AP? From what I remember you accessed it using an Ethernet cable. Never owned one, so can't tell for sure. There are probably some around here with the history that can guide you but it's a really old device/model.

  7. I would say, check that IP! I hope that address isn't used to actually connect to the Pineapple = no success!

    http:// 172 . 16 . 42 . 1 >>> . 1 <<< : 1471

    Spot the extra .1 ?!

    It should be

    If that is just a forum typo, then more info is needed. Moving between devices shouldn't create any extra problems, I do it all the time when working with my Pineapple(s). What OS are you using? Connecting using USB or AP? (etc...)

  8. The stock Ducky doesn't allow storage, you have to flash it with some alternative firmware to do this. And... you need some keylogger functionality, you should have bought the Key Croc instead. Add to the scenario as well that it's not allowed in most countries to store other ppls keystrokes without their explicit permission...

  9. I haven't seen anything of the new layouts or such of upcoming firmware, but following discussions on Discord and other information, it seems to be the way it will be done. Sounds logic to me, and is most likely the way I would like it to be. Darren's own words can also be interpreted in that direction (can be found pasted into the forum post below).


    You are not restricted to the number of hardware (radios) available on the Mk7. The number of interfaces can be more than the number of radios, but the radios are of course what is the base of everything. In OpenWrt you normally have WiFi devices which represents the hardware layer, i.e. the physical radios, and then you have interfaces which are logic ("abstract") layers on top of the physical hardware (the devices).

  10. What you are probably missing is that it's a pandemic going on which puts a strain on access to materials, production and distribution. I don't think Hak5 is deliberately not putting up things for sale since there is a demand, but things happens in the world (even without a pandemic) that affects the availability for stuff. And, Hak5 isn't a tech giant (meaning large company) either so they use the resources they have at the moment and sometimes you have to prioritize between things. Another possibility is that there is a new variant of the Bunny on its way that and therefore the old one is "on hold". Important to say; that is pure speculation from my side.

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