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  1. There must be a lot of other companies that you've lost trust in then. I haven't received any new iPhone or [add any Android phone brand here] when it has gone EOL after X years of support. What is really holy with wifipineapple.com? It's still up though. I visited the wiki as late as last night.
  2. DHCP? In what perspective? How are you connecting to the Mk7 and how is it getting internet access? ICS or using client mode on the Mk7? If using client mode it shouldn't mess any routes up for connected clients. If using ICS, then the wp7.sh script needs to be used if the ICS is being set up using a Linux based machine. Or, it's not needed, but it simplifies the setup. https://downloads.hak5.org/pineapple/mk7 https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360058457853-Configuring-ICS-on-Linux As I remember it from some recent Discord discussions, the limitation when it comes to the possible number of PSK characters should be adjusted in coming firmware.
  3. It's not sold via official channels. It has been supported for 5 years, but now it's EOL. Modules can be found on the Hak5 GitHub. I have to edit that; the modules are available straight from the Nano as it's supposed to work. Just installed three modules without any issues.
  4. Where did you buy the Nano? It hasn't officially been sold by Hak5 since long.
  5. Just try something that is known to work first, like kleo's portals. You can use my script on my GitHub repo and run it directly from the Mk7 so that you don't need to involve any intermediate copying. Also, the files are placed in the intended location with the correct names and structure. https://github.com/chrizree/PineappleEPfix/blob/main/just_add_the_portals.sh
  6. This is valid at least for the latest beta firmware, haven't tried it on stable release though - Power on the Mk7 and wait for the LED to turn solid blue - Press and hold the hardware button for 7 seconds - The LED should start to flash in different colors, then the Mk7 will reboot - When the reboot has finished, it should be possible to log in with the password: hak5pineapple
  7. I have that adapter/NIC but never used it with the Mk7. Just using NICs with the supported/recommended chipset. If you can add the driver, then try it. At least 8812 chipsets are considered to be crap, so I guess it would be a bit of a "risk" to use anything else than MT7612U based NICs.
  8. Firmware? It's scheduled to whenever Foxtrot feels it's time to release it
  9. Don't be shy to ask. However, most ppl really like to see that someone has really tried (and tried and tried) before asking for help so that the question isn't just put out there when facing any problem with an "It's not working!!!" attitude. That most often is a bad strategy. I'd also recommend to join the Hak5 Discord server. A lot more activity there than here on the forums and a lot of ppl with great knowledge. https://hak5.org/discord
  10. There are no shortcuts to knowledge, especially not within cybersec. "Blood, sweat and tears" are involved here as well as in other areas of expertise. Just buying a gadget in the belief that it will make someone a "hacker"/pentester is a big misconception. Knowledge and skills are needed to get things working and since cybersec is a constantly evolving landscape (like in a cat and mouse game), you have to 1) know any limits that are out there that might stop youand 2) constantly change to keep ahead of the defense. When it comes to running that ps1 file to just see if PowerShell execution policies are in place, you don't need to change anything in the file. PowerShell will throw back errors at you just simply by trying to run the ps1 file.
  11. There is no "interference" on the Mk7 between using client mode and PineAP. That quote is valid for older generations. Just use the "onboard" wlan2 to connect using client mode. Any additional 5 GHz USB NIC will be wlan3 (if using the beta firmware at least).
  12. Why not connect your Mk7 directly to your home WiFi AP/router (or some similar alternative)? I avoid internet connection sharing anytime possible.
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