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  1. Actually for me the client speed seems greatly improved with the 1.0.1 firmware release
  2. I am not sure. I believe it came from Hak5 originally. I borrowed it from a friend who had purchased a complete kit
  3. Yes, it's fixed now (we also chatted on discord) I am also pleased to report the network throughput of the client when connected to an SSID broadcast by PineAP seems to be a lot better now Thanks!
  4. I just updated to 1.0.1 from the stable update channel and I am seeing a lot of issues. If I enable PineAP the CPU usage goes up to 97% Can't connect to the open wifi AP SSID Broadcast APs don't seem to be broadcast Wifi Recon returns no results I was running 1.0.1 beta 4 before and everything was ok, apart from the very slow client network performance when connected to a broadcast PineAP SSID Anyone else having issues?
  5. @Darren KitchenIf any more logs or information is required just reach out to me. I would really like to have this issue solved. The P7 seems so much better than the Nano, but this issue is currently preventing me from using it. Thanks!
  6. I made a couple of tests. I am using wifi to provide the internet connection to the P7 There first screenshot show the throughput when connected to the Open Access Point The screenshot shows the same device throughput when connected to the Broadcast SSID from PineAP It seems like the throughput is dramatically lower when the client is connected to the Broadcast SSID from PineAP Can anyone help! Please! Thanks David diagnostics-report.txt
  7. I got hold of another P7 and it has the exact same issue 😞
  8. @Darren Kitchen Any updates for this issue? Please give us early adopters some love 😍
  9. I have found in testing the following: If I connect via the Open Access Point, then there is no issue with network performance. I am getting around 13Mbps If I connect via an SSID that is broadcast by PineAP then the network throughput is very slow and unusable for the client. I am getting less the 1Mbps This is using the latest Beta 4 of the 1.0.1 firmware @Darren Kitchenif you need any more information, please just ask. I really hope this issue can be solved in the first patch. Not being able to use broadcast SSIDs from PineAP sort of defeats the object 😞
  10. For me I get the same result from using both USB Ethernet and Wifi for the client internet connection. As I mentioned before I did the exact same setup with the Nano and it was around 20 times faster
  11. Did anyone else try a speed test on a test client connected to the P7? What kind of throughput do you get?
  12. I did the same speed test with Nano. With the nano I am getting just over 10 Mbps, so it's more than 20 times faster @Darren Kitchen could you look into this issue?
  13. I have just been testing with using the wlan2 interface to provide internet access to clients. The throughput makes the device unusable at the moment for me. The wifi I am connecting too is using decent unifi access points and the internet connection is around 250 Mbps for clients directly connected. If the client connects via the P7 the speed drops to 0.3 Mbps which makes the internet unusable. Any client that does connect, will soon disconnect due to terrible internet performance. Hope this can be resolved via a software update Thanks!
  14. I found that if I use a USB Ethernet adapter then my setup works
  15. I just received my Mark 7 and I want to setup the network in a way that suits my use case. I want to make the internet connection via wifi, which is fine, but I also want, at the same time to use the USB-C connection to my laptop for communication only between the pineapple and my laptop. The usb-c connection does not get an IP address once the internet connection is via wifi as far as I can tell. Do I have to set the IPs manually on both sides? I am not sure on how to change the IP configuration on the pineapple to suit me needs Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  16. I just got my Pineapple nano and I think there is a serious problem with mounting/using SD cards. I can format it, but then i can see that it continually disappears and reappears if I type fdisk -l in an ssh session There always seems to be a lot of IO error messages when i check dmesg Far i have tried 2 brand new SD cards. One 16GB and on 128GB. Both the same As far as i can see on my Pineapple Nano the SD card feature is completely unusable :( I am hoping this is firmware related and will be fixed in the next release
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